Why 52 Novels?

Not a trick question

We know there are lots of places you can go to have your ebooks prepared these days, but we’re thrilled you’re considering us. What sets us apart? A few things.

  • Formatting versus design. We believe every ebook is an experience and that the way it looks is as important as the story it tells. Formatting—making sure headings look like headings and that the italics are in the right spot—is easy. Running a word processing file through an ebook conversion tool is easy. Thinking about the design of your ebook (while considering you and your book’s brand, as well as its theme and genre) and then making something from clean XHTML and Cascading Style Sheets especially for you? That’s hard. This is where we excel. We call them hand-rolled ebooks.
  • We’re book lovers. When we’re not talking shop, we’re probably talking books. In fact, the name of the company comes from our founder’s long-since retired novel-a-week reading project. One book a week. 52 novels.
  • Experience and expertise. The book lovers at 52 Novels make more than 500 ebooks a year. It’s not meant to sound like bragging. The truth is, though, that this kind of experience counts. Because of our proven track record, we have the ear of people at Amazon and other ebook marketplaces. And that helps us stay on top of changes in technology and trends from inside the industry.
  • Test. Test. Every ebook we make is tested across multiple platforms and devices before we release final versions of the files to you. It’s part of our standard process and each of our ebook designers has a Kindle Fire, as well as eink versions of Kindle and Nook ereaders. We also test on iPad/iPhone, Sony, and Kobo ereaders, as well as desktop and app-based ereaders like Kindle for PC, Kindle for iPad and Adobe Digital Editions. If you’ve ordered a Smashwords version of your ebook, we upload it to our test accounts to ensure it makes it through Meatgrinder intact and in good shape for acceptance into the premium catalog.