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Below is a brief tutorial on how to format your corrections document. While you should review your ebooks on as many ereading platforms as possible—Kindle, Nook, Kindle or Nook apps, etc.—we recommend using the free desktop ereader called Adobe Digital Editions and your ePub file for performing your corrections review. ADE allows for clean copying-and-pasting, which will help you and your designer get through your correx quickly and accurately. Click the button below to download Adobe Digital Editions.

Get Adobe Digital Editions

You may also complete your review using the Kindle for PC or Kindle for Mac desktop applications using much the same process you see in the video below. Be aware: the copy-and-paste function from these apps includes additional information about the Kindle book—author name, book title, and location number—that’s unnecessary for your designer. Please remove this additional information before submitting your correx document. Click the button below to download a Kindle desktop reading app.

Download a Kindle Desktop App