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We offer a full range of ebook formatting services: Kindle and ePub, Smashwords, and fixed-layout ebooks. See our pricing page for more information, or click here to get started today.

Kindle and ePub ebook formatting services

Kindle and ePub ebook formatting and production servicesEvery standard ebook formatting project we do comes complete with a Kindle ePub and a generic ePub version of your book. We tailored our workflow to make both formats simultaneously and ensure maximum consistency between formats to deliver high-quality, elegant ebooks that allow you to publish at the major ebook marketplaces.

The Kindle ePub is specifically crafted for KDP to take advantage of Amazon’s KF8 format.

The generic ePub plays on every commercial ereader device that’s not named “Kindle,” as well as many other ereading applications (such as Adobe Digital Editions).

Kindle ePub and ePub ebook formatting pricing starts at $125.* Click here to get started today.

Direct2Digital/Smashwords ebook formatting services

Smashwords ebook formatting and production servicesDirect2Digital/Smashwords is a free, DIY ebook distributor and seller that simplifies the ebook publishing process for most people. Most of our authors also purchase a D2D/Smashwords version of their ebook, as it’s the easiest way to distribute to iBooks, Kobo, select libraries, and a few other ebook sellers.

D2D/Smashwords ebook formatting pricing starts at $60.* Click here to get started today.

Fixed-layout ebook formatting services

Fixed layout ebook formatting and production servicesFixed layout ebook formatting projects copy the look of print books and are a perfect solution for children’s picture ebooks, comic ebooks, coffee table ebooks, and other ebooks where images tell the story more than the words.

Fixed-layout ebooks play on iPads via iBooks, and Amazon Kindle apps and devices. At this time, we can prepare fixed-layout ebooks for iBooks and the Kindle store only.

Fixed layout ebook formatting pricing starts at $299.* Click here to get started today.

*Some restrictions may apply.