Ebook Conversion Options for Authors

Ebook Conversion Options for Authors
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The move from manuscript to print itself can be overwhelming for authors, but today authors have more publication options than ever before. Ebook conversion options for authors provide the opportunity to self-publish which authors previously never had. The printing press can now be in the hands of the authors themselves, and today, reaching your readers is easier than ever before.

The new technology of ebook conversion can be a bit overwhelming to authors though, particularly those who don’t consider themselves computer savvy. The options themselves yield various degrees of quality. This too can be a concern for authors. When you’ve put hundreds of hours into a manuscript, you want to know it’s in good hands.

The Ebook Conversion Experience

When the time comes to self-publish your manuscript, the key is picking an ebook conversion process that makes you most comfortable. A quick search online shows that there are many options out there, from automated ebook conversion tools and apps to a variety of companies offering professional ebook conversion services.

The choice generally offered here is between how much you want to invest in the conversion and the quality of the output you desire. Automated tools and software generally result in a cheaper cost but lower quality ebooks than hands-on professional services might, but not all ebook conversion services are equal.

The Automatic Ebook Converter, or Meet the Meatgrinder

Websites that provide an automatic ebook converter essentially host automated manuscript to ebook conversion software online. You can also download this software yourself and attempt an automatic ebook conversion yourself.

Unfortunately, this is where many authors who eventually end up working with 52 Novels start. In our industry, we call these automatic ebook converters “Meat Grinders.” What comes out on the other side is certainly the result of what you put in, but many times it may be unrecognizable. Many of our authors have already spent a frustrating amount of time trying to fix the output of an automatic ebook converter before coming to us.

This happens because the automation process simply interprets the keystrokes in your document. It does not apply a human eye, much less an informed one, to your manuscript choices.  It also cannot understand artistic intent.

Personalized Ebook Conversion Services

At 52 Novels, we apply a personalized ebook conversion process to your manuscript… work done by actual people who look at your manuscript and recognize that a great deal of care and craftsmanship is already there.

Our ebook conversion services involve our diligent book designers engaging your manuscript and interpreting those choices within as they’ll need to be rendered in code. That ebook encoding, and thus the styling of your final ebook, is by human hands and a designer’s eye. The result is a superior product and a more accurate representation of your manuscript.

While we take great pride in our time-tested process and our collaboration with our authors, there are other ebook conversion services out there that utilize the dreaded meat grinder. Our personalized touch and hands-on involvement with your text, we feel, is what really sets us apart.

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