Why should print have all the fun? Upgrade your ebook’s interior look with our premium ebook formatting and design package and go beyond the typical. Custom chapter headings and title pages. Embedded fonts that jibe with the look of your cover. Set your novel apart!

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Premium ebook formatting

These packages start at $750. Please mention your interest in our premium package in your query. We’ll send you a sample of a premium ebook in Kindle and ePub formats on request.

Because of the limitations and unpredictability of Smashwords’ automatic ebook conversion process, not all design features are possible. We’ll do our best to recreate the design of the Kindle, ePub, and print-ready versions, but we cannot always produce a faithful match. In fact, we recommend using your epub file at Smashwords instead.

Our preference is to use font embedding in premium ebook formatting projects. Font choices are subject to the type foundry’s or font designer’s license terms. We’ll make reasonable attempts to match the fonts used by your cover. However, as is often the case, many fonts do not have favorable license terms for use in ebooks and/or commercial products. Your ebook designer will work with you to find fonts with favorable license terms—from places like Font Squirrel, The League of Moveable Type and the Google Web Font project—that also work well with your ebook’s genre, brand or cover design, either as stand-alone choices or as compliments.

If you come to us insisting on a specific font or fonts, you must be sure to have satisfied all licensing requirements from the font’s foundry or designer. If your licenses are not in order, we will not embed the font into your ebooks.